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Heart & Dog
I am wondering how to differentiate between heart (???) and dog (???) when talking. I understand . http://dilap.eu/arabic-alphabet/qaf.html .


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Arabic Nouns, Feminine and Plural
Our website Speak7 helps you learn Arabic nouns, singular, feminine and plural in Arabic, as well as . kalb??? (dog masculine) è kalba ????(dog feminine) .


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Arabic Dog Names
Arabic dog names are prefect if you want a name for dog that will help them stand out from the crowd. Browse our list for some fun ideas.


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English to Arabic dictionary
English to Arabic dictionary and Arabic to English dictionary. With this bilingual . dog ????? dogbane ???? ???? dogberry ??? doge ???? ?????? dogfight ?????? .


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Arabic/Masculine and feminine - Wikibooks, open books for an open ...
dog ???? kalba/kalbah kal-ba female dog, she-dog. In Arabic nouns, as well as adjectives, have to agree in gender, as well as number. For example: ????? ?????? .


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dogs - Arabic translation - bab.la English-Arabic dictionary
Results 1 - 7 of 7 . Translation for 'dogs' in the free Arabic dictionary. More Arabic translations for: raining cats and dogs.


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Lessons in Arabic Language - Book 1 - Lesson 4
Lessons in Arabic Language - Book 1 - Lesson 4. . kabeer, kabeerun, big . . kalb , kalbun, al kalbu, dog, a dog, the dog . . kaslaan, lazy . . kitaab, kitaabun, al .


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How to say "Dog" in different languages
Akkadian = kalbum. Alacaluf = kiurro. Albanian = qen. Algonquian = athemwa. Amharic = wäshsha. Anglo-Saxon = docga, hund. Apache = góshé. Arabic = kalb .



Arabic Plural
This page contains a course in Arabic Plural and Singular as well as a list of . Spanish Arabic French Japanese Korean Chinese Russian . dog, ????? - kalb .


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Arabic Names of Animals
Our website Speak7 helps you learn animal names in Arabic, vocabulary and . dog. kalb. ?????. donkey. hemaar. ????. eagle. nasr. ???. elephant. feel. ??? .


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